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The use of this Website and/or the services we offer legislates your agreement to the following terms and conditions:
1. If you don't accept any of these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website or the services we offer.
2. If you're under the lawful age of consent for your respective district, you cannot access or use Book Writing Solution or the services we offer.
3. You acknowledge and agree to the statement that you must be of the lawful age to consent to avail of any of our services or products on this Website or otherwise.
4. When submitting an order and/or payment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. You acknowledge and accept that you are legally bound by these terms and conditions, which form the entire agreement between You and bookwritingsolution.com.


"Website" means all online content on bookwritingsolution.com web pages.
"Customer," "You," or "Yours" relates to you and/or any other individual submitting an order to bookwritingsolution.com on your part.
"Company," "We," or "Our" means & refers to bookwritingsolution.com, a company/organization registered under the laws of the State.
"Product or Services" means and represents all services and products provided by bookwritingsolution.com to customers following their order.
"Order" means an order via phone and/or e-mail made by a customer to purchase services or products provided by bookwritingsolution.com. Down payments confirm orders via cheque, credit card, cash-receipt, wire transfer, including the use of any other payment method.


By submitting the payment and/ or order, you are buying the product for Your use only. All Products are drafted by our in-house writers, who transferred all rights and ownership to the Company. All goods are non-refundable and come with no guarantees, expressed or hinted. Your solemn duty is to read these Terms & Conditions before submitting any Order and/ or payment to Book Writing Solution.


It is important that you carefully read and understand the refund policies in order to have full knowledge of the privileges and limitations governed by the Book Writing Solution Policies. We offer refunds only in special cases and specified conditions, detailed as under:
Book Writing Solution offers a 100% Refund on all its services, however, it is not an unconditional 100% refund and certain conditions still apply.
Book Writing Solution Refund Policy will be Void if;
  • You have chosen a special or a custom package.
  • You have demanded revisions beyond the initial concepts
  • The customer has not been contacted or irresponsive for more than 2 weeks without notice.
  • If the project is placed on hold upon customer request, the refund will be voided.
  • Company’s policies, or policy, have been violated.
  • The creative brief is lacking in required information from the client end.
  • The business is closing or changing its name or business.
  • Reasons such as ‘change of mind’, ‘disagreement with a partner, or other reasons that do not pertain to the service provided will not be subject to refund under any circumstances.
  • Once a client has accepted multiple sets of revisions (for any services), the refund will not be applicable.
  • The customer is entitled to 100% refund before our writers/ editors start working on the project.


The customer is due to a 100% refund before our writers/ editors start your project.
If (for any reason) you have a change of mind and decide not to continue your project with us after your order has been placed, you can ask for a refund within one hour of your order being placed. A 15% processing fee will be deducted in other cases.


Once the work is delivered, clients are only qualified to claim a refund once they have exhausted all the options detailed as under;
• If it is not in direct accordance with project requirements (as requested/ documented by the customer).
• We are devoted to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction and offer unlimited amendments to ensure that the shipment is up to the mark. We assign, re-assign, and re-write your project to ascertain complete satisfaction. Reserve FREE Pages for the future, but of the same value, and you can avail them at any time. If we're still not able to produce what you asked for, a refund will be concocted with mutual agreement on a pre-decided percentage (but only in the cases where the delivery is completely off the mark)


We believe in "On-Time Delivery," but if for any reason we fail to present the asked service on time, after at least three attempts to contact us, your refund will be prepared once it is established through documentary evidence that the late delivery was Book Writing Solution's fault.


• In case of late delivery due to some minor mechanical errors, such as analytic, typing, word count, missing sources, etc., refunds will be processed with mutual understanding. Bookwriting Solution will only settle with partial refunds or discounts reserved for future purchases.
• Company will not be responsible for any delay from the client's end.
• Once the project has been completed, you are not eligible for a 100% refund. The amount of the refund (if any) is completely under the discretion of Book Writing Solution.


• All company logos and trademarks appearing on our website are the property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with these companies or their trademarks. The use of these logos and trademarks does not imply any endorsement, affiliation, or relationship between us and the respective companies. We solely use these logos and trademarks for identification purposes only. All information and content provided on our website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on our website. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.

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