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Is it true that you've come to make your brilliant concept a reality? Perhaps you should hire top fiction professional writers to produce a fiction novel. Is your vision an uplifting message or an interesting secret? Professional book writers are there to assist you. At Book Writing Solution, we focus on providing our clients with high-end writing services. We provide a wide range of services to assist you in achieving your writing objectives. All we actually need is your concept. Book Writing Solution recognizes that everyone has an interesting narrative to share. However, you would like not to expend the effort of writing it page by page. You should also have exceptional semantic abilities. You will benefit from our fiction writing abilities.

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What Kinds of Fiction Genres Do We Ghostwrite?

Our team consists of expert ghostwriters that specialize in a variety of disciplines. Furthermore, some of our most adaptable book ghostwriters thrive at writing in niche genres with a small market. According to our statistics, the fictional novels mentioned below are merely the most popular. The majority of our clients are looking to employ a ghostwriter!

Services for Romance Fiction Ghostwriting

If you're seeking for literature that will appeal to a wide range of readers, romance fiction is the way to go. These are stories about two characters who are in or wish to be in a relationship. The plot generally concentrates around the challenges they endure and the sacrifices they make in order to be together.

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Services for Action-Adventure Novel Ghostwriting

This genre is the polar opposite of romance. Female readers enjoy romance, while male readers want action adventures. Unsurprisingly, action-adventure literature is sometimes known as "romance novels for males." The romance in this situation is one of adventure and daring.

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Services for Science Fiction Novel Ghostwriting

The author of science fiction lives in a light universe ahead of our own. The stories are set in the future or in the past. The idea is to envision technologies that only exist in our minds. It should, nevertheless, have a realistic sense about it. Even the greatest science fiction authors of the previous century could anticipate the future.

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Ghostwriting Services for Fantasy Novels

Fantasy literature are the most popular, whether in the present or in the past. Being as detailed as possible is essential while writing a fantasy story. Our top ghostwriters can use their words to paint a picture. We make every effort to immerse readers in the realm of fantasy.

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Ghostwriting Services For Suspense And Thriller Novels

Some of the most popular fiction works include detectives solving mysteries. Suspense and thriller are the genres of these detective books. As the title indicates, these stories assist the reader experience sensations of mystery and suspense. We all know that a thriller should never get monotonous. Our ghostwriters realise that the tale must be fast-paced in this genre. All of the twists and turns must be included. The thriller genre requires a high level of suspense. Because we understand what makes a terrific thriller, we provide the greatest ghostwriter services.

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Why Should You Work with Our Fiction Ghostwriting Agency?

We are far ahead of other ghostwriting firms. We say this in terms of both reasonable prices and unrivalled quality!

How do we work when we provide you with Fiction Ghostwriter Services?

To begin, select the service you want for your fictitious book. We provide fiction ghostwriting services as well as branding, editing, and publication. Each service is accessible alone or in any combination. An all-in-one bundle is the most affordable alternative. You will obtain all of the advantages at a lower cost. After contacting our customer care, you will be required to complete a brief questionnaire. Following that, the ghostwriter will begin writing your book chapter by chapter. As we go, we'll ask you to approve each chapter. After the novel is completed, our skilled editing crew will revise it.

After that, you'll have your finished ghostwritten book to read. Your order is deemed complete only after you approve the finished product.

Following that, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire about your project to tell us precisely how you want the book written. You may also share some of your manuscripts with us so that we know what to write.

After reading your questionnaire, we will produce an overview of your project, stressing each chapter's complexities. We will proceed after we have received your permission and revisions to the blueprint.


Following the first outline, we will arrange a call with you to go through chapter one. This is the most important component of the project since it will act as the foundation for everything else. The first chapter will be written based on your phone data, and the following chapters will follow suit.

We'll compose chapters based on your recordings, and you'll be asked to approve them as we go. You may direct the plot's development, and we'll make the required alterations.

Once everything has been done, we will move toward the project's final delivery. This is where you will receive all of the project details and approve it one last time.

Firstly, you start by signing up on our Website. You can sign up and then email us about your project or chat with our support staff. You will start by telling us a brief idea about your project.
After that, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire about your project to tell us exactly how you want the book to be written. You can also share some manuscripts that you’ve written, so we have a better idea of what to write.
After reading your questionnaire, we will process an outline of your project, where we will highlight the details of each and every chapter. After your approval and revisions, we will consider the outline to be final and then proceed onward.
After the initial outline, we will schedule a call with you for chapter one. This is the most important part of the project, as this will lay the foundation of your entire project. We will write the first chapter based on your call recordings, and the same goes for each chapter to come.
We will write chapters based on your recordings and have them approved by you after each chapter. You can tell us the direction you want the story to take, and we will adjust it all accordingly.
After everything has been done, we will proceed toward the final delivery of the project. This is where you will get everything included in your project, and you need to approve it one last time.

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